“96% of our clients are obtained through referrals. Our clients value our work and trust us enough to recommend us to their friends and colleagues."


“Synchronized Business Consulting is a talented CPA firm and a pleasure to work with. They completely own all projects and operate competently and cohesively with our internal staff."

-Lenwood C., Excutive Dir.
SouthWest Community Development

“Very proactive in presenting approaches to data analysis, which greatly enhanced the information obtained during our forensic investigation."

-Monica M., Director
Huron Consulting Group

“Brings value to the workplace with the ability to complete tasks accurately and provide meaningful input. SBC can be counted on to address relevant issues and performs with little guidance.”

-Scott P., Account Manager
US Foodservice

“Helped us establish financial milestones for our real estate corporation, which kept us within budget and allowed us to meet our financial benchmarks. ”

-Netro M., CEO
Hillside Homes

Smart Moves

In today’s business environment, many companies are managing a demanding workload with less staff. Synchronized can help you find the optimal balance between your full-time staff and our consulting services.

SBC can help save you money by supplementing key full or part-time staff with our high-level consulting services. This allows you to reduce labor costs, including taxes and benefits, and increase your cash flow during off-peak periods, increasing profitability.

We have more than 11 years of experience providing our clients with the cost-effective solutions they need to get work done accurately, efficiently and within budget.

Payroll & Benefit Supplemental Cost Scenario

Annual Compensation Private Industry Accountants / Auditors


Annual Social Security Tax Paid by Employer @ 6.2%


Annual Medicare Tax Paid by Employer @ 1.45%


Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) @ 6.2% of first $7,000


Credit for State Unemployment Taxes Paid (Assumes full credit)


State Unemployment Taxes @ 4.00% (varies per state)


Total Payroll Costs


Benefits as a % of total compensation @ 29.4%


Total Cost of full-time position (rounded)


Additional Estimated Costs



{a} National Compensation Survey: South Atlantic Region 2008 – 2010
{b} Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employer Costs for Employee Compensation June 2010